September bunch

No Migration for Flowers

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Saw a few remaining swallows and house martins passing over the fields during the week. The days are still warm and sunny but the nights are getting longer and the mornings are cold and misty. The migrant birds know that autumn is closing in so they’ve departed for warmer climes.

No migration for our flowers, though. The continuing warm weather encourages growth and our cosmos, larkspur, sunflowers and asters are blooming like there’s no tomorrow. There have been some years when our flowers have struggled during Autumn months; not this year though. So anyone wanting flowers at the markets in Carrick or Sligo – come on over. There’s loads of choice.

Our bunches and floral arrangements reflect the seasons and look particularly attractive this time of the year. Autumn’s richly- coloured flowers such as rudbeckia, calendula and asters look lovely in a vase and brighten up a room beautifully. Sometimes we add berries or local grasses to add an unusual touch – along with the amber leaves of guelder rose or blueberries. Good enough to eat!