A Young Man’s Fancy

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country style flowers

In spring, things change. The world is different, as if it’s waking up to something new and fresh. Evenings aren’t closing in so early; mornings aren’t so dark. Looking at our bird feeders and around the garden, it’s clear that the birds have something on their minds. Something other than just keeping warm and alive.

Bird song is beginning to change. The Great Tit is doing his ‘teacher teacher’ song, sounding like a squeaky door. A few male chaffinches are experimenting with their love-call. Robins are battling it out to see who can sing the sweetest song and male wrens are darting in and out of ivy, seeing which location is best for the many nests they make each year for their prospective mate.

Flowers are also realising that it’s finally spring. After a hard winter when the snow seemed to last for weeks, there is now a thawing. Buds are appearing, flowers are sticking their heads above ground and things are shaping up nicely. Daffodils are definitely on the move, snowdrops have appeared at last, the crocuses emerged overnight and the willow’s downy buds have arrived..

Given that our wedding season has started, it’s just as well that the flowers are moving at last. In the month of St Valentine, when love is in the air, spring flowers complete the picture.

Anois teacht an Earraigh …….