The Twilight Season

Kealin Ireland Uncategorized


Winter is upon us; cold, damp and shortened days. We had a wonderfully warm and beautiful autumn with long bright days and amazing sunsets. It’s easy to dismiss this time of year and just aim to get through it, rather than set about enjoying it in any way.

But short, cool and even wet days all have their purpose too. Even though from time to time flowers are seemingly fooled and we see a couple of daffodil stems appearing two or three months too early, the flower season really has bedded down and nature is doing what it does best. Winter is important for nature. Some flowers keep going forever, throughout the year and the cold and dark give them a reality check. They need to bed down and re-invigorate themselves. Like hedgehogs going into hibernation, plants really need to scale down for the winter, if they’re to survive. Cold is good for the soil, lightening it up and snow can act as an insulator for plants that otherwise might not make it. Nature has a way of balancing things so by spring, everything comes right again.

And we can’t be despondent about cold, dark days. Think of them as an investment in spring and summer flowers. Without the cold and wet, we wouldn’t have tulips or lilac or foxgloves. No roses for the bride’s bouquet or catananche for the groom’s buttonhole. No glorious allium or rhododendron in floral arrangements or baby’s breath decorating the flower girl’s wand.

Without autumn, there’d be no spring. Without winter, there’d be no summer. So enjoy these short days. It’s nature, doing her thing.