The Twilight Season

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  Winter is upon us; cold, damp and shortened days. We had a wonderfully warm and beautiful autumn with long bright days and amazing sunsets. It’s easy to dismiss this time of year and just aim to get through it, rather than set about enjoying it in any way. But short, cool and even wet days all have their purpose …

A Young Man’s Fancy

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In spring, things change. The world is different, as if it’s waking up to something new and fresh. Evenings aren’t closing in so early; mornings aren’t so dark. Looking at our bird feeders and around the garden, it’s clear that the birds have something on their minds. Something other than just keeping warm and alive. Bird song is beginning to …


Zen and the Art of Flower Growing

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We held a training course recently – “Establishing a Cut Flower Business”. Eight enthusiastic participants from as far away as Clonakilty and as near as Belturbet. All the course participants had some level of experience or expertise. One woman from Mayo is a tutor on an organic horticulture course; another grows and sells vegetables at her brother’s market stall; one …

September bunch

No Migration for Flowers

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Saw a few remaining swallows and house martins passing over the fields during the week. The days are still warm and sunny but the nights are getting longer and the mornings are cold and misty. The migrant birds know that autumn is closing in so they’ve departed for warmer climes. No migration for our flowers, though. The continuing warm weather …

Summer Sunflower

A Small Matter of a Wedding

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Unbelievable weather this month. Our flowers respond immediately to the sun and warm weather – it’s amazing to see sunflowers turn their heads towards the sun and grow literally inches overnight. It’s the start of the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness all right. The apples are amazing this year – and buckets of hedgerow fruits including blackberries, sloes and …