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Our Flowers

We grow and sell country flowers - especially those with a perfume.  Our flowers are chemical-free and not sprayed with anything that is harmful to you or the environment. The types of flowers that we sell include Cosmos, Lilac, Larkspur, Sweet Pea and Sweet William. In spring we sell a wide range of lovely Daffodils, Tulips, Irises and Anemones.

We usually sell our flowers already made up. We combine flowers of complimentary colour and height, add in local foliage and then sell them to you by the bunch or bouquet. Our arrangements are natural and pretty and reflect the seasons and surrounding countryside.

At Christmas  we make very special seasonal arrangements. These are made of local and natural flora, including holly, birch, ivy and moss. With the addition of fragrant bulbs such as hyacinths and paper white daffodils, these make beautiful and long-lasting displays.

You can order flowers directly from us - however, due to the small size of our operation, we generally only deliver locally.

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